Welcome to the vibrant heart of culinary delights! Take a stroll through our virtual aisles at Water Tower Farmers Market's Directory, where a treasure trove of farm-fresh produce, artisanal crafts, and gourmet treats awaits. Unearth the finest selection of products from local vendors, and indulge in a shopping experience that celebrates both taste and community.

Are you planning a visit to a specific BOOTH or KITCHEN?   If so, then be sure to check their hours, as they may differ from the main property hours.”

Beverages, Food, Snacks, etc .

Baja Bitez
Kitchen C, Booth 52

Baja Bitec, Kitchen C at Water Tower Farmers Market Welcome to our delightful fruiteria and rolled-up ice cream parlor! At our vibrant establishment, we offer a scrumptious assortment of treats. Indulge in refreshing fruit cups, showcasing a colorful array of nature's finest produce. Sip on the thirst-quenching Aguas frescas. Craving something unique? Try our mouthwatering mangonadas, a perfect blend of tangy and sweet. Our specialty lies in the art of rolled-up ice cream, where creamy delights are customized with an array of toppings, from luscious candies to crunchy nuts and fresh fruits.  Visit Instagram .
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Freeze Dry Universe

Booth 6

Selling Freeze Dried Sweets and Treats
Visit us at our store at 621 Cypress Gardens Boulevard, Winter Haven, FL
Join us on Instagram TikTok @FreezeDryUniverse

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Lux Press Designs
Booth 12

We are a 2-year old business serving the best loaded boiled peanuts in Polk County.  We also sell organic fresh teas and our famous passion fruit lemonades, tacos, nachos and more.
813.640.7501 or 813.335.8790
Facebook:  Bel ChouChou Eatz
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Boba Blastic
Kitchen A, Booth 50

Bubble Tea that also serves specialty food items
863.258.5917     Freddy20020513@gmail.com
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Chunky Dunkers

Booth 7
Baked Treats and Chocolate Deserts  - A Savory Collection of Hand Made Chocolate Treats and Delicacies. Made with only the best ingredients and lots of Love. Specializing in Chocolate Covered Treats and Cheesecakes. Cookies and Amazing Marshmellow treats. Giant Caramel Apples and Cake Pops of all kinds. Also available for Custom Orders.

Lisa Hayes 689-252-0623 Cell        Chunkydunkers@yahoo.com      Visit Facebook .
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Crystal Ice and Water Vending

Booth 60

Everest Ice and Water System is the industry's most efficient ice and water vending machine on the market today and is committed to providing consumers the purest ice and water made available by eco-friendly vending system using a 5 stage ULTRA water filtering, UV light system. Dispensing 10lbs of ice in a bag or bulk putting your cooler under the chute. Water is vended by one gallon container or a 5 gallon container. Providing superior, fresh, quality ice and water on demand. 
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Fancy Cakes Boutique
Booth: 40 & 41

Our main location - 615 s. Lake Shore way Lake Alfred, Fl 33850
Contact information - 407-264-1805 / 863-268-8441
Web page - fancycakesboutique.com
Facebook - fancy cakes boutique
Instagram - fancy_cakes_boutique
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Paleteria Santy
Booth 2

This is a family small business; we make artisan ice cream with real flavors as well as fruit ice pops using the best ingredients.
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Booth 3

Welcome to MEXI-FLAVORS: Your Ultimate Destination for Authentic Mexican Delights!

Embark on a culinary journey to Mexico at the heart of the Water Tower Farmer’s Market! MEXI-FLAVORS is your trusted gateway to an unforgettable Mexican experience, offering a tantalizing array of traditional cuisine and imported products that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Mexico.

Indulge in Our Exquisite Mexican Cuisine: Savor the rich and diverse flavors of Mexico with our carefully curated menu, featuring zesty street tacos, mouthwatering tostadas, and authentic tamales. Our kitchen is a haven for those craving genuine Mexican cuisine, crafted by experts trained in the art of Mexican cooking.

A Culinary Fiesta for Everyone!

Sip on the Best Mexican Beverages: Enhance your meal with our selection of Mexican beverages, including refreshing aguas frescas and rich atoles.

Shop for Authentic Mexican Products: MEXI-FLAVORS is not just about food; it's your one-stop-shop for authentic Mexican products. Explore our store for imported items such as flavorful salsas, artisanal crafts including handcrafted pottery and textiles, as well as exclusive Mexican fashion and jewelry crafted from renowned Mexican precious metals like sterling silver .925 and lustrous gold-plating.

Visit us today and experience the best Mexican flavors, cuisine, and imported products this side of the border!

Connect with us on Instagram:  @MEXIFLAVORS

For inquiries, call us at: 954-397-0943

At MEXI-FLAVORS, we are dedicated to providing an authentic Mexican experience in every aspect of our establishment. From warm and inviting décor to a lively atmosphere, our goal is to transport you to the heart of Mexico without ever leaving Winter Haven.

Bienvenidos a MEXI-FLAVORS - ¡La verdadera experiencia mexicana te espera!
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Uncle Bryan's Baked Goods
Kitchen B and Booth 5 and 51

Uncle Bryan''s Baked Goods at Water Tower Farmers Market Winter HavenDiscover the essence of Latino tradition at Uncle Bryan’s Baked goods, nestled in The Water Tower Farmers Market of Winter Haven. Our family-owned bakery is a flavorful journey into Hispanic baking, where each morsel tells a tale of love and culture.

Upon entering, the inviting aroma of fresh bread, coffee and delicious pastries will transport you to the traditional Panaderia de Barrio. Our display boasts meticulously crafted treats like Mallorcas, Quesitos, Pastelillos and Tornillos, promising a taste of nostalgia and home.

We blend classic Hispanic favorites with a modern gourmet twist, represented by our signature Mallorca sandwich.Uncle Bryan’s Baked Goods is more than a bakery; it;s an extension of our family, welcoming all to experience the genuine flavor of a Hispanic home. Bienvenidos a la familia!

Visit us at Facebook or Instagram
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Magli Delicious
Kitchen G
View our Menu
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Clothing and Accessories

Luxe Press Designs
Booth 12

Luxe Press Designs is a premier destination for exquisite handmade crafts and accessories. Our curated collection showcases a blend of creativity, quality, and sophistication. From charming Clothing, Unique style drink ware each product is meticulously crafted with passion and attention to detail. We take pride in offering unique and stylish pieces that add a touch of luxury to your life. Whether you're looking for a special gift or a treat for yourself, our products cater to discerning tastes. Visit us at Booth #10 to experience the allure of our exceptional handmade creations.
instagram- @_luxepressdesigns_ , Tiktoc- @luxepressdesigns, Etsy- luxepressdesigns
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Gifts, Plants and more

Cattitudes Collectibles and More
Booth 15

We are a brand new business just starting out. We sell items such as Funko Pops, You Tooz, Handmade by Robots, Hot Wheels, World’s Smallest, Pokemon, & Garbage Pail Kid cards, Blind Boxes, and more!
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Made By Mami Gift Shop
Booth 28

Made By Mami Gift Shop is created by an enterprising mom where you can find your unique gift for that special person. We work each piece with the utmost dedication and creativity to please our customers. All our pieces are handmade. We work with different items such as accessories, keychains, mugs, tumblers, clothing, embroidery, and much more. We also customize to your liking for any activity and business. Always giving our customers the best quality at the best price. Come and visit us at Booth 30, it will be a pleasure to meet you and show you all our beauties.
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Monk3y World Kreations
Booth 16
Contact Info: Monk3yworldkreations@gmail.com
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Stitch Studio Envy

Booth 31

Handmade crafts, CBD, cell phone accessories, holster, body armor, bags, cleaning supplies.  Quality handmade items for the home and accessories.
Nancy Thomton  863.245.3389  fromnancy@hotmail.com
Craigs McGonigle  863.268.5106  mcgonigle@gmail.com
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Wisdom Taxes & Insurance
Booth 47

We provide life and health insurance, Medicare, personal and business taxes, business start-up, notary services and more. 
407.319.5281   WisdomTaxWH@Gmail.com
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Joyeria Salazar 1
Paleteria Santy
Mexi-Flavors 3
Bake Me Happy 4
Uncle Bryan's Baked Goods
Freeze Dry Universe
Chunky Dunkers 7
Easy Street Wood Crafters 8
Buhitos Boutique 9
Buhitos Boutique 10
Smoking Loud #2 11
Luxe Press Designs  12
Be You Jewelry & Beauty 13
Joyeria Salazar 14
Cattitudes Collectibles 15
Monk3y World Kreation 16
Princess House
Vacant, call 941.685.4152 for info 18
Shapewear and Beauty
Natalie's Bridal Boutique
Total Look
Nannie's World 22
Nannie's World 23
Techsesorios 24
Vacant, call 941.685.4152 for info
Vacant, call 941.685.4152 for info 27
Made by Mami Gift Shop
TheTwisted Swan 29
Sainted 30
Stitch Envy 31
Medicare Advantage & Obamacare
Vacant, call 941.685.4152 for info 33
G & G Oil 34
Altamirano Pyrography 35
Camera Coffee Shop 36
Sweet Betty's Sugar Shack
TeaTastic  38
Fancy Cakes Boutique  39
Fancy Cakes Boutique  40
Fancy Cakes Boutique  41
Twisted Swan  42
Equity Solar
Faith Feather Creations
27 Locksmith
Wisdom Tax Services  47
Boba Blastic 50 Kitchen A
Uncle Bryan's Baked Goods 51 Kitchen B
Baja Bitez 52 Kitchen C
Schel's Jamaica Kitchen 53 Kitchen D
Sip 'N' Share
54 Kitchen E
Tina's Kitchen & Empanadas
55 Kitchen F
Magli Delicious 56 Kitchen G
Royal Breakfast Bar
57 Kitchen H
Taste of Home Grill
58 Kitchen I
Tu Cocina
59 Kitchen
Cystal Ice & Water Vending  60
Tu Plaza Market  100
Tu Cocina  100
Water Tower Farmers Market  151